Nine Steps to Success

nine steps
Nine Steps to Success
is an instructional program that is researched-based and data driven with the goal of student mastery of the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) while meeting the social-emotional needs of the students. This program includes:

Step 1: Student assessment data in math and Language Arts is disaggregated. Data includes local and statewide assessments. The goal for students is academic proficiency in ELA and math and to close the achievement gap for the 84% Socioeconomically Disadvantaged and 95% Hispanic New Temple students. LCAP Goal 2 provides teachers time to analyze data.

Step 2: Teacher teams plan a 36-week instructional calendar. Teachers meet weekly to refine the instructional calendar and plan for differentiated instruction. LCAP Goal 3 requires curriculum development and time for collaboration.

Step 3: Students engage in learning that is focused on standards-based curriculum.

Step 4: Standards mastery is assessed using local and statewide assessments. LCAP Goal 4 requires all students participate in these assessments.

Step 5: Student needs are met through extended learning time. Remediation is provided through tutorials in reading, mathematics, and academic language development and summer school.

Step 6: Student needs are met through extended learning time. Acceleration is provided through before school, after school, and summer school programs including GATE, Robotics, and Coding.

Step 7: Teachers ensure students maintain mastered skills by providing on-going review and reinforcement lessons.   

Step 8: Administration monitors, trains, and equips teachers with tools to help students master the standards. Teacher leaders provide training in topics such as: implementation of CCSS; differentiating instruction; technology integration; and promoting a positive school culture and climate. The goal for teachers is professional development for continuous improvement. LCAP Goal 2 requires professional development, and instructional support for implementation.

Step 9: Student connectivity  is achieved through meeting the social-emotional needs of students. New Temple’s implementation of the program is unique and distinguished in the district as it integrates thematic character education, such as personal responsibility and social skills development within the standards based curriculum. LCAP Goal 5 addresses student engagement.

The strategic implementation of the Nine Steps to Success has resulted in New Temple students outperforming both Los Angeles County and the State of California on the 2017 CAASPP (ELA scores = 55% New Temple, 47% Los Angeles, 48% California; mathematics scores = 47% New Temple, 36% Los Angeles, 38% California). In addition to academic achievement, the efforts made to meet the social and emotional needs of students have resulted in New Temple Elementary School earning recognition as a Capturing Kids’ Hearts National Showcase School.   NT SCHOOL

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